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Direct Check and Regal Technologies History

Both e-Complish, LLC and Direct Check, Inc were being asked by their clients to provide ACH Processing. Not knowing the future demand, both companies entered into a partnership to provide ACH Processing to their clients. After several successful contracts, the demand for ACH Processing was increasing dramatically. Almost like a light bulb, the partners of e-Complish and Direct Check had the idea to provide an ACH solution under one company.

Regal Technologies became more than an idea in September of 2002 providing a full spectrum of payment solutions.

  • Direct Check software
  • ACH Processing
  • Credit Card and Debit Card Processing
  • Payment Portal via Your Existing Website
  • Representative Portal for Payments and Customer History
  • Automated Telephone Payment Processing via IVR
  • Regal is 100% PCI DSS compliant
For information, call 800-704-0033 ext.202 or email

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